Monday, October 14, 2019
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marketing costs

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marketing costs

In today’s competitive climate, effective marketing will give your company the edge. Planning a marketing campaign presents you with an increasing number of options.


You can use television or radio advertising, promotions, digital PR, e-marketing or direct marketing. The list goes on. With all this choice, it can be difficult to decide what mix is the best fit for your product or service. The secret to success is knowing how best to optimise your media mix to meet your goals.


The marketing world is changing. Internet marketing is booming and often very affordable. Today’s customer demands a lot from a brand.  A successful marketing campaign often engages the customer and offers them a personal experience as well as a product or service.


How do I plan a marketing campaign?


To guarantee the best return on your investment, you’ll need to analyse the current market. You will need to design engaging creative and work out the most cost-effective way to target your potential customers. Internet marketing might be booming but, if your customers don’t go online, your marketing costs will be for nothing.


As a full-service agency, we plan TV, radio, digital, press and outdoor campaigns. We have long-standing relationships with established channels as well as emerging media.


Our years of experience and bespoke research and analysis tools mean our marketing plans are highly targeted. We monitor and optimise daily.  We can also offer advice on your creative direction.


We provide a personal service and assign you a personal contact with years of experience who can answer all your questions. We work with businesses of all sizes and appreciate each business is unique. 


How can I stretch my marketing costs?


We have established relationships with TV channels, commercial radio stations and digital, outdoor and direct marketing agencies. This gives us access to exclusive rates so that we can reduce the cost of marketing for your company.


We can integrate your campaign effectively across whatever media best suits your product or service. Our flexible service means we can book slots for TV and radio at short notice.


To make it simple we offer:

·        Free advice on strategy for your product or service

·        A full plan and breakdown of marketing costs

·        The best rates on the market

·        Performance analysis and response rates


So, we’ll provide a breakdown of marketing costs and a free marketing planning service.


If you would like more information on marketing costs and recommendations for your business, please click here to complete our simple form or call us on the number below.

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marketing costs

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